Sunday, September 11, 2011

STROKE Part 3 - Say Hello to My Little Friend

woke up the next morning to the growl of the blood pressure monitor and a little nurse with a cup full of pills. By this time I had to go like a race horse! I asked for someone to walk me to the toilet and she said "ohhhhh no, you have to use the bedpan!" and she held up a tiny pink plastic bedpan just like the one pictured and smiled at me. I was horrified because I could be paralyzed, and I could BE brain damaged but use a TINY bedpan??? THAT scared me! As I soon discovered, when I got the urge to go....I better go RIGHT NOW! so I had several mishaps and many "Oops!" but eventually they gave me that bedsidecammode and helped me to it. It’s very hard to move a large woman who is dead weight even when its 2 feet to a bedside  commode. Going to the bathroom in front of people is embarrassing and degrading....I was raised to be VERY modest. Having a stroke is a surefire way to lose your modesty...someone has to put you on the toilet, wipe you, bathe you, dress's humiliating and good reason to follow doctors orders to begin with instead of being sure you know more than your doctor and continue bad behaviors because working your way to health is....a Kill Joy....No Fun...Inconvenient....Disruptive....a Hassle...NOT Necessary! You are SURE it won’t affect YOU! Well let me tell does, it can, and it WILL!
When you're modest and feel like you'd rather die than let someone put you on a bedpan or see you naked....but when you're shy, modest, proud and LARGE...I cant even tell you how that feels. When you're diabetic on top of it you better hope metformin isn't one of your medications in that little cup the nurse brings you when you know you'll be riding that tiny bugger! For those of you who take metformin or glucophage, you know what I mean!

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