Sunday, September 11, 2011

STROKE Part 4 - Pimp My Ride

About 5 days after the stroke I was told I would be moving to the rehabilitation hospital and fortunately I had a few good friends who worked at the hospital who packed my belongings and flowers and made sure I had all the paperwork and information I needed as well as assisting me to the new hospital to help ease the fear and anxiety of moving into what would be my new home for the next month.
An older gentleman arrived in my room around 5pm to pick me up and transport me. He put me into a wheelchair and wheeled me down to the van, backed me onto the lift and raised me up, loaded me in and we were soon on our way. I remember the sun on my face and that it was still fairly warm for October but all I could seem to think about was missing Halloween with my son for the very first time in his 13 years and it made me so sad. I wondered if he would understand and forgive me for being so careless with my life. I hoped he wouldn't hate me for being handicapped when all of his friends mothers were healthy & active mothers.
I arrived at the rehab hospital and got changed into a fresh gown and into my new bed and my belongings put away all by 6pm. A very nice nurse brought me a dinner tray and after 5 days of a strict cardiac diet, the food they brought tasted like gourmet cuisine! I had my fill of egg beaters and turkey loaf! I do have to admit though....after a month of daily broccoli at least 2 meals a day....I don't think I'll ever be able to eat it again.
Later that evening the nurse brought me my own wheelchair to use for the length of my stay. I was determined to NOT get too used to was NOT my friend! it was simply my mode of transportation until my body started working again. I knew it HAD to work eventually, God spared my life and he must of had a reason.

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