Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creative Gifting

Gifting During the Halloween Holiday 
or Fall Gifting.
It's so easy to add a little something special when wrapping a gift.
The Packages in the pictures... #1 The package with the ribbon:
This is a gift to my sister, we are very into ghostly stuff so I found her this cute ghost t-shirt, I folded it to fit a plastic plate I bought at the Dollar store shaped like a bat and slid it into a large clear plastic baggie gathering the ends and corners and taping them under the plate so the plastic fits snugly. 
I then took a long piece of dollar store fall ribbon and tied a beautiful bow on top and embellished the package with a few glittery stick on fall leaves of different shapes and sizes.
 ( not too many as you want it to look classy not hodge podge)
Package #2 is another Halloween plate in the shape of a ghost filled with baked goods, in this case "sticky pecan pie bars" and fitted into the large clear baggie and embellished with a couple leaves and a glittery bat ornament that she can use when decorating. In fact she can use the plates during the holiday too so there are actually several little gifts in 2. I love having family and friends with October Birthdays because there are so many ideas to make a simple gift ghoulishly fun and frightfully fabulous!
Happy Haunting!
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