Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Lights

Light Up the Night
Lights are going on sale everywhere, I just bought
purple lights at Walgreen's on sale for 
70 light count boxes $3.99 per box and 3M Command
decorating clips at the Dollar Store 20 clips for $1
PERFECT for hanging lights around inside windows.

       I no longer have small children in my home but I love Halloween all the same. I don't know if I will ever grow up but I sure hope not. We spend too much time having to be grownups, taking care of others, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, having to set good examples and be the "grown up"  but the holiday season is a great excuse to hang up the mom or dad coat and let your inner child spring to life. 
I am a FIRM believer that NOTHING is more important than building wonderful lasting memories with your children and loved the end its all we really have of great value and its all we really WANT. 
I always start the holiday decorating around the last week in September.
It usually starts with my fall pot holders and salt & pepper shakers, (I have beautiful fall leaf shaped pot holders my sister made) I have my vase full of silk fall leaves by my kitchen sink as well as my pumpkin cookie jars on the counter. 
I like to put up my purple mini lights around the inside of the windows and add my paper cutouts (ghosts, pumpkins or black cats).  Each day of the last week of September I add something to the decorations so that by October 1st I am fully decorated and ready to just enjoy the month and reflect back on Halloweens past. I always buy 2 or 3 large pumpkins from the market to set around the house (I put a paper plate or something plastic under them because you never know if the bottom will start to decompose) I don't carve them because I keep them for the "Thanksgiving" decor.  My son is 16 and knows I tend to go overboard with the Halloween silliness so he puts up with the graveyard shower curtain and mummy hot dogs and witch finger cookies all of which I will be posting about as Halloween nears.
Just some scary food for thought!
Enjoy the rapidly approaching Holiday Season!

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