Monday, September 12, 2011

Let There Be Light!!!!! CANDLE LIGHT!

The Beauty of a Candle
With Fall days away and the holidays just around the corner, I cant imagine not enjoying the soft glow of my candles in the evening. I have always had a love of candles! I grew up in Washington State where it rains a majority of the time and there was nothing better than lighting a fire in the big brick fireplace and settling into a big overstuffed chair and listening to the popping and crackling of the fresh cut pine logs on the fire. 
    Living in Yuma Arizona is a BIG change from those days of old and building a roaring fire is almost unheard of. Winter might call for a log in the fireplace (provided you can find a home that HAS one) but even then, our winter days get anywhere from 60-75 degrees, it's not often we get into the 50's during the day and usually in the 40's or 50's at night.  Fireplaces here are not practical so I developed a real love of candles from the get go. 
    I had candles all over my home and my office at work. Scented, unscented....all different sizes and colors. One day in December years ago my oldest sister was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) & emphysema after years of smoking. While adjusting to all the new medications and rituals she had to learn, she came to stay with me and that was the end of my candles.  I now had oxygen tanks & concentrators in my house  and candles we forbidden, NOT to mention the smell or smoke they gave off closed her lungs up instantly. To make a long story short, I discovered Flame-less candles and never looked back.
The pictures I posted don't do them justice! the look so real, they flicker and can be bought with a timer setting. I have 2 sets that have 6 hour timers and 1 set on 4 hour timers. 
I found my candles on for around $12.50 a set. There are 3 candles in a set, they are real wax, different heights, and safe around kids, pets & oxygen! 
The holidays are almost here....I cant imagine not having mine.
Theres just something special, beautiful and romantic about candles.
Food for thought.

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