Sunday, September 11, 2011


If you hate housework as much as I do, consider this:

I have discovered the easiest way to clean house....I don't hate it NEARLY as much now! lol It might sound kinda goofy but it really works well. I do 1 chore in the room I am in before I leave that room. Example...if I go to the restroom....I use the one in my bedroom so....I have to cross through my living room, kitchen, laundry room and bedroom to get to my bathroom....on the way out I do ONE chore no matter how BIG or SMALL as I'm leaving each room....(as I'm leaving the bathroom I might, wipe counters or dust shelves or hang up towels, entering the bedroom I might straighten the bedding, pick up clothes, dust, put things where they belong...entering the laundry room I might wipe down the washer and dryer or start or finish a load of laundry etc...the kitchen...maybe finish up dishes, sweep Well YOU get the goes so much faster and I don't feel like I'm working CONSTANTLY..I do this EACH time I leave a room...not just once a day lol...I get distracted and bored easily so this is PERFECT for me. REMEMBER just ONE thing...this technique WORKS!
Now if I could train my son to do the same I'd be REALLY happy!

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